KING produces a wide range of hook devices. All of our devices are characterized by high design durability and great aesthetics. They are characterized by high strength and long-term operation as they are designed to operate in extreme road conditions and weather conditions which can be experienced, for example, in Finland.

Our hook devices are functional, and every detail is well thought out and constantly improved.

HZ-4R HZ-7R HZ-10R HZ-20R

When mounted on a vehicle, hook devices are its integral element. As a result, the device and a truck work with each other during the work process. To ensure the highest quality of assembly of our hook devices on vehicles, KING cooperates with manufacturers of chassis, for example, DAF, MAN, Scania, Volvo, Renault, Iveco, Mercedes, Isuzu, Mitsubishi. Our assembling methods for the manufactured devices are a guarantee of a quick implementation process, and the Client's acceptance of a complete vehicle.


All of our devices are equipped with the following:
  • a hook with a locking pawl
  • hydraulic container locking
  • a hook lock for a locked container
  • CE standard
  • mud flaps
  • anti-overrun covers
  • a hydraulic pump
  • an oil tank
  • fenders
  • painting in the RAL colour system
  • hydraulic safety locks
  • control from the cab and from the outside of the device
Options available upon request:
  • rear support roller (stabilization)
  • central lubrication
  • tool box
  • grid box
  • batten luminaire
  • platforms
  • UDT documentation

Accelerated motion film

Accelerated motion significantly reduces container loading and unloading times while saving the operator's time, and thus reduces the costs and allows the company to service more customers at the same time.

Remote radio control

Aesthetics, comfort and safety. Nowadays, chassis manufacturers leave less and less space in the cabin to install additional body control. Radio control come to aid - it is aesthetic and easy to use, provides a high level of safety as it can be controlled from anywhere.

Technical data

Type Device length
Device kerb weight
Hook height
Rated load
Maximum rated load
Telescopic main arm
Usable container length
HMC 3005 550 900 5 - - 2800-3500
HZ-4R 3612 500 1200 4 5 - 3100-3600
HZ-7R 3720 1020 1200 7 8 800 2600-3600
HZ-10R 4000
1200 10 11 800 2800-4500
HZ-20R 6000
1570 20 21,5 1350 4100-6500
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